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Virtual Materials Group was incorporated in 1999 in Calgary, Alberta and since then the company has enjoyed steady growth thanks to its dedication to the development of applied thermodynamics and process simulation tools. Our flagship products are VMGSim and VMGThermo that are used by hundreds of companies around the world for the design and simulation of complex Natural Gas Processing plants, Refineries, and chemical plants.

Our core group is based in Calgary and is an extremely accomplished group of scientists and engineers, dedicated to enable you to excel in your job as an engineer. We work continuously on the refinement, enhancement and support of our products and we are always ready to tackle new problems while inventing new solutions at the same time.



Dr. Tony Vysniauskas

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Vysniauskas earned his Ph.D. in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary in 1980. He was a co-founder of Hyprotech Ltd. which began as a university-based consulting company and grew to be a world leader in simulation software and services. As CEO and President of Hyprotech he guided the company into becoming a world leading supplier of process simulation tools in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. During his tenure, Dr. Vysniauskas lectured on process simulation topics at selected universities around the globe and provided Computer Aided Design courses at the University of Calgary and Rice University in Houston. After the Acquisition of Hyprotech by AEA Technologies in 1997, Dr. Vysniauskas assumed the role of Executive Vice President and managed the integration of the Global Sales, Project Services and Software Training services for AEA. Dr. Vysniauskas completed his work with AEA in 2000 and during his management the operation grew to 450 employees worldwide.

William (Bill) Y. Svrcek


Bill graduated from the University of Alberta as a Chemical Engineer in 1962 and earned a Ph.D., also from the University of Alberta in 1967. After obtaining his Ph. D., Bill worked for Monsanto and the University of Western Ontario before settling at the University of Calgary where he developed an enviable research and teaching record from 1975 until his retirement as an Emeritus Professor in 2008. Bill was one of the original founders of Hyprotech where he acted as president for many years. Bill’s interests include process control, process simulation and process design. Bill joined VMG as president in 2002.


Strategic Advisors

Craig Morris

Graduated in 1975 with a chemical engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and an Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1980. Craig was Hyprotech’s first employee and the original creator of Hysim and Hysys, two classical process simulators. Craig’s accomplishments are too many to list, but we will mention the invention of interactive process simulation and bidirectional information propagation. A true Renaissance man, Craig’s interests range from mathematics to physics to computer science and skiing. Craig is one of the original founders of VMG.

Marco Satyro

Marco graduated from the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo as a Chemical Engineer in 1984 and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary in 1997. Marco moved to Calgary in 1988 to work for Hyprotech where he worked on applied thermodynamics and distillation. Marco played a key role in the development of Hysys, Hyprop and Hycon. Marco has a long term commitment to education and he lectured on Thermodynamics, Separations and Process Design at the University of Calgary where he was the first Dr. A.H. Younger Chair in Hydrocarbon processing. Marco is one of the key developers of VMGThermo and one of the original founders of VMG.

Mr. Yau-Kun Li

Yau‐Kun graduated from McGill University in 1976 as a Chemical Engineer and earned a M.Eng. also from McGill in 1977. In 1980 Yau‐Kun moved to Calgary where he worked at the Computer Modeling Group and then Hyprotech where he worked extensively on applied thermodynamics, fluid characterization and flash calculations. Yau‐ Kun played a key role in the development of GEM, Hysys and Hycon. Yau‐Kun is one of the key developers of VMGSim and VMGThermo and is Thermo Explorer's main designer. He also provides high level software design for many of VMG’s clients around the world. He is one of the original founders of VMG.

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